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The Affiliate Program


The Independent Dealer Program


As an Independent Dealer for, you will be offering the original warranty-friendly™ diesel performance module, along with other warranty-friendly™ performance products. Our performance modules are made in the USA and are backed with a money-back guarantee and a manufacturer's warranty. Because they never leave a footprint on the ECM, and honor all EPA emissions, these performance modules are in high demand. As a Dealer, you will have access to one of the most comprehensive inventories of warranty-friendly™ performance modules in North America, from our flagship diesel pickup modules to medium/heavy-duty and agriculture/construction modules.

The owner, Allan Shepard, began working with the U.S.-based performance module manufacturer in 2003. The manufacturer had been in business since 1994 and was the original performance module manufacturer that pioneered today’s warranty-friendly™ standards. He, along with a friend and business partner sold an estimated 70,000 performance modules over twenty years.


We offer a zero out-of-pocket Dealer startup option. And with

  • A generous compensation plan
  • No upfront buy-in and
  • No inventory requirements

we believe it will allow you to start building your performance module business quickly while providing you additional income.

We also believe that providing:

  • Continued online training (live & recorded)
  • Dealer and customer support
  • Free shipping/drop shipping and
  • Quality marketing materials to purchase, such as (brochures, business cards, and posters)

will give you the professional environment needed for a truly successful business venture.


As a new Dealer, you will start at a generous compensation level of ten percent (10%) of the online advertised sale price.  This “Quick Start” position requires only that you have purchased a performance module from within the last 24 months and wish to spread the word about our Warranty-Friendly™ performance solution. This is a great “zero out-of-pocket” position that can provide you additional income.


Our unique “Save or Make Compensation Program” is a very “dealer-centric” system designed to allow you flexibility and control by offering you either a commission or a discount.

  Save or Make Compensation Program example:

  • (SAVE) Your unique Dealer Discount Code - Code Example: (JohnDoe) - The dealer who is at the 10% or 15%  compensation level wishes to purchase a product(s) for themselves or a customer, and buys with their own credit card. That purchase is automatically discounted 10% or 15% at checkout when using your unique code.

  • (MAKE) Your unique Customer Incentive Code - Code Example: (JohnDoe20) - The same dealer has passed out product brochures at an event offering buyers $20 off and free shipping. Someone from the event decides to purchase a module on their own from and uses the dealer’s unique Customer Incentive Code. That purchase is automatically credited to that dealer in real time and 10% or 15% of the sale price is paid to the Dealer. All Dealer sales and compensation are automatically software-tracked "through this code" in the back office which the dealer can view in their dashboard. The Dealer may choose to be paid their commissions in USD or in product.


  • Standard Dealer status offers a 10% compensation and is achieved by simply signing up and joining our team. You are provided a coupon code for your own use, and to offer to others for a 10% commission to you on each sale, and a $20 off and free shipping.
  • Premium Dealer status offers a 15% compensation and is achieved once a Dealer reaches $5,000 in total revenue.
  • As a business strategy, it is allowed that a Premium Dealer position can be achieved by pre-purchasing $5,000 status position. With the pre-purchase, the Dealer is purchasing the modules at the discount rate, and reselling the modules themselves, and is NOT sending their client to our website to purchase.

Pre-purchase example: Upon receipt of the non-refundable $5,000 – will send and/or drop ship product (totaling 100% of the $5,000) as it is bought/sold by the Dealer. Once the product pre-purchased $5,000 is fulfilled, the dealer only has to maintain a minimum of $3000 in total monthly revenue to maintain the Premium Dealer status or pre-purchase another $5,000 of product.

Please fill out the form below for consideration to become one of our Dealers. Thanks!

If you already a Dealer, click here to login.


We offer both a standard Affiliate program and an Affiliate-Dealer program for individuals and companies in the aftermarket industry.

Our Affiliate program pays out a generous 10% of the final module(s) sale price, (excluding shipping costs) Each affiliate is given their own private coupon code to offer their customers. Your unique coupon code is automatically presented at checkout. In addition, we offer direct website-to-website tracking.  As an affiliate, you can earn significant income by promoting our Warranty-Friendly diesel modules on your website, social media, blog, or by word-of-mouth and/or internet marketing efforts.

There is NO cost to become a affiliate and as an approved affiliate, you will earn from $60 to $100+ on diesel performance modules you sell.



Our Affiliate-Dealer program is designed for those who work in the diesel industry. It can increase the monthly gross revenue of your current business, as a value-added product - or can be a substantial stand-alone performance module sales and installation business. 

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.

Diesel Modules:      Pickup Trucks     Medium Duty / RV     Heavy Duty / Semi      Agriculture / Construction

Lubricants & Fuel Treatments:      Diesel Engines      Gasoline Engines      HVAC

Shipping to United States and Canada only.


(866) 406-3777
We are the ORIGINAL warranty-friendly diesel performance solution.

Text: (406) 202-4877
Average live Text response time 15 minutes (during normal business hrs.)

Mailing Address:
Diesel Modules LLC
Helena, MT. 59601

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